Elde Touring Companies


   E’s Delight (aged 18 – adult) is a professional Adult company that contains adult dancers. They each have special techniques in Modern, Ballet, Jazz, and Dance theatre.

   This company is the foundation for ELDE because they bring professionalism and career goals to our youth in the Dance school as well as the community. As the top touring company they have performed for numerous shows around the triangle area and abroad. Such shows include the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA), Shaw University, St. Augustine’s College, State All- Star Dance show, United Negro College Fund, God’s Tribune, Black Theatre Festival, Raleigh Little Theatre 2002 United we Stand, and Dance with me BTI Center. They’ve also been opening acts for Rose Royce and Model Show Cast, as well as Spice Performing Arts, Jazz, and spoken word.


   Prima Divas (aged 13 – 17) is a professional youth company that contains Dancers who have strong dance backgrounds and technique. These Dancers are also student teachers at the ELDE for classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and African. These young Dancers are true role models for the younger Dancers in the school. Each Prima Diva maintains an A to B average in school, along with many hours of community services.

This youth Dance company has performed at many shows such as: the CIAA, Black Theatre Festival, BTI Center Dance with me, Raleigh Little Theatre United we Stand, in which the Mayor was a special guest, a tour of City of Raleigh Park and Recreation Center, the Ebony Club Showcase at Shaw University. They’ve also performed at the New York Hilton Dance Festival in 1999. The Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Campaign is another of the outdoor events performed by the Prima Divas, along with numerous community and civic events.


   Jr. Prima Divas (aged 8 – 12) is a non-professional touring group. These Dancers have the ability to perform on a professional level. The purpose of this company is to turn non-professional dancers into great performers. This youth Dance Company also maintains an A to B average in school. They have performed at the CIAA, and have been showcased in many annual recitals.


   Little Divas (aged 1 – 11) is also a non-professional Dance company. These little dancers are ready to show their stuff! Each dancer maintains straight A’s in school. They are the cutest Little Divas you have ever seen. Watch out world, they are here! This touring company has done a tour of the hospital in Wake County. They danced for the Children’s ward as well as the staff. They have also been show cased at annual recitals.


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